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Whipps will be launching a new website in the coming weeks. Look for great new features such as an expanded product section, interactive installation map and a representative contact area. 

Welcome to Whipps, Inc.

Whipps Inc. was founded in 1977 and has been producing high quality water control products since that time. The company is located in Athol, Massachusetts approximately 70 miles west of Boston.


Stainless Steel Slide Gates, Tucson, Arizona

Stainless Steel Flap Gates, Dallas, Texas

Stainless Steel Flap Gates, Dallas, Texas

Stainless Steel Slide Gates, Billings, Montana

Rubber Tide Gates, Dorchester, Massachusetts

Aluminum Weir Gate, Millbury, Massachusetts

Stainless Steel Sluice Gate, Dallas, Texas

Stainless Steel Sluice Gates, Douglasville, Georgia

Stainless Steel Slide Gates, Palo Alto, California

Aluminum Weir Gate, Pleasanton, Texas

Stainless Steel Slide Gates, Las Vegas, Nevada

Stainless Steel Slide Gate, Yorba Linda, California

Stainless Steel Flap Gates, Bloomington, Illinois

Stainless Steel Slide-Flap Gate Combo, Harwich, Massachusetts

Stainless Steel Slide Gates, Jacksonville, Florida

Stainless Steel Sluice Gate - Warren, Minnesota

Stainless Steel Multi-Disc Slide Gate, Milton, Vermont

Aluminum Slide Gates, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Aluminum Slide Gates, Ottawa, Illinois

Fabricated Butterfly Gate, Webster, Texas

Stainless Steel Flap Gates, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Stainless Steel Slide Gates, Wellington, Florida

Whipps, Inc. is in full compliance with
Section 1605 of the American Recovery
and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.


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